May 01, 2015


Like a sucker, I actually paid money to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  What's worse, I dragged others to the theater so that we could talk about it on the podcast.  This was all a terrible idea and I have paid for my crimes.  So why do I find myself oddly encouraged by recent developments on the currently filming sequel?

Because I'm an idiot, that's why.

Still, it's hard for me NOT to get excited about the idea of Tyler Perry playing brilliant-scientist-turned-giant-fly Baxter Stockman.  There were rumors that Stockman was appearing in the first film, but no such luck.  Now the idea that this movie will not only feature an evil flying insect man in a lab coat, but that he'll be played by fucking Madea has me over the moon.

But that's not all!  Stephen Amell, star of CW's excellent Arrow, has also joined the cast in the role of Casey Jones, a.k.a. my favorite.  Producer Michael Bay tweeted out the above image, which is our first look at Amell in costume.  Sadly he's missing the flowing locks of Elias Koteas from the original live action movie, but I suppose I'll make do.

Also, Laura Linney is in this movie, which means times must be tough for Laura Linney.

I was REALLY into the Ninja Turtles when I was a kid, and while the turtles themselves are great, it was the sprawling collection of truly odd supporting heroes and villains that really won me over.  The idea that we're starting to dip into those side characters is honestly exciting, if for no other reason it brings us closer to the possibility of someday seeing a six foot samurai rabbit and/or the motherfucking Technodrome.  If we can bypass Beebop and Rocksteady, all the better.

Look I haven't forgotten just how totally buck-buck the first movie was, but for what it's worth, we do have a new director this time out in the form of Dave Green, whose Earth To Echo supposedly had fun, E.T. vibe going for it.  That's promising!  Less promising is this set photo of Megan Fox doing her best Brittany Spears impression.

Yikes.  Maybe I'll wait to catch TMNT2 on Netflix after all.  Then again, if I find out that Krang is in this movie, all bets are off.

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