May 04, 2015


Well, there they are.  There's your Suicide Squad.

Director David Ayer has been tweeting like a mad man as his Suicide Squad movie gears up and now he's given us our first look at Task Force X, featuring Captain Boomerang's duct tape boots, Rick Flagg's big ass rifle, Deadshot's chrome dome, Killer Croc's acne issues and Harley Quinn's complete lack of pants.  My wife is gonna have some serious issues with that last one.

There are a few others in there as well!  One of those other ladies is Enchantress, though I'd be hard pressed to tell you which one or, for that matter, who the other female character is.  We've also got what appears to be a tattooed quarterback and personality vortex Adam Beach with cornrows.

Look, I'm on board with this one.  In fact, while Batman v. Superman should be the easier sell, I'm far more fascinated by Suicide Squad.  David Ayer makes movies that are ugly in the best possible way and I suspect this is going to act as a strong counterbalance to Zack Snyder's sweeping visuals and majestic canvases.  And we cannot undersell how big a deal it is that Will Smith is joining the DCU and he's not playing a) the lead role or b) the hero.  There was time not too long ago when such a thing would have been unfathomable.

Bring it on, Suicide Squad.

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