September 05, 2014

Yes, This CARVER Trailer Was Made By A 13 Year Old Girl

A few years ago I learned about Emily Hagins, a budding filmmaker who shot her first feature, Pathogen, at the age of 12.  It's a damn fine little zombie flick considering that the director was still in the midst of puberty.  She followed that up with My Sucky Teen Romance and later this month her Halloween set coming of age story Grow Up Tony Phillips will be released.  Hagins is both skilled and ambitious, so I look forward to watching all of her future films.

But she's not the only adolescent filmmaker named Emily out there.  Emily DiPrimio launched a Kickstarter campaign at the age of 13 to fund Carver, a love letter to the classic slasher films of yesteryear.  You've got to respect a teenager who chooses to emulate John Carpenter over Paranormal Activity, so I was happy to donate some funds to her project.  Now we've got the film's first trailer (courtesy of the fine folks at Badass Digest) and it's pretty great!

The acting is usually the weak point when it comes to these kinds of projects, but it's hardly terrible to the point of distraction.  Most importantly you've got a strong backstory, child murder, an iconic villain, and was that a crane shot?

I can't wait to see this thing when it's done.

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