September 10, 2014

Shameless Self-Promotion! Vote For Our Fantastic Fest Bumper!

I know, I know, I've been AWOL recently.  News article output has been dodgy.  Reviews have been almost non-existant.  Hell, we even took this week off from the podcast for the first time in months.  What can I say?  August was a busy month for me and the slow transition to fall is kind of depressing.  But for the last two weeks or so my creative energy has been largely focused on a short film project and now I need your help.

This year's Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX is rapidly approaching.  This is an incredible festival full of truly awesome and bizarre films from all over the world and I want to go SO DAMN MUCH.  Sadly, I won't be able to make it there in person this year, but hopefully my projected image can be there in my stead.  If you've never been to a film festival, it's common practice to play short bumpers, usually about one minute or less, before each film.  These bumpers tend to be quick and clever, but usually a festival only makes like five or six in total, meaning that festival goers who screen 10-20 films over the course of the week tend to see the same bumpers over and over until what once was fun soon becomes dreadful.

But not Fantastic Fest.  They hold a bumper contest each year, challenging fans to create their own short films to entertain audiences at the Drafthouse.  The theme this year was "transhuman," to be interpreted however you see fit and the only other requirement (besides a 45 second time limit) was that the last line of dialogue had to be "That's fantastic!"  So my podcasting partner Bart and I decided to throw down.

Check out our entry, entitled Fuzzy Feelings, at the link below and then click on the little blue "Like" button above the video to vote for us.  (Don't try clicking on the little heart, which seems intuitive but is actually incorrect.  This confused me for a while too.)  Festival organizers will choose a number of these bumpers to play during the festival, but the top five will screen separately and the audience will vote for a winner.  The prize is a pair of passes to next year's festival and I REALLY want to go to next year's festival.

So click here to vote for Fuzzy Feelings!

And don't just vote!  Share the link out on Twitter and Facebook.  Turn that shit viral.

Thanks again.  I promise there's lots more content on the horizon.

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