May 22, 2014

Batman/Superman Gets A Terrible Title That We Can All Promptly Ignore

In 2016, Batman is gonna sue the shit out Superman.

While I kind of dig that logo, the official title has left me and the rest of the internet asking a resounding, "What the fuck?"  They might as well have just gone with Untitled Batman/Superman Movie or Hey Guys, Justice League Is Up Next. 

The "v" over "vs" is weird but I'll get over it.  But Dawn of Justice?  Could that possibly be any more meaningless and generic?  I'm a firm believer in the Patton Oswalt rule of movie titling, namely that a title should be evocative enough to create a little mini-movie in your head.  (His perfect example?  Texas Chainsaw Massacre.)  Dawn Of Justice sounds like they literally picked words at random out of a hat.  Besides, I'd argue that this movie didn't really need a subtitle in the first place. Batman vs Superman is really all you need to put the asses in the seats. 

In the end it doesn't really matter. We're all just gonna keep calling it Batman vs Superman anyway because Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice is just too many words for an American audience to fathom and instantly conjures up images of the Dark Knight giving an impassioned and emotional testimony at some kind of custody hearing.  Or perhaps Bruce Wayne is taking Kal-El to court over all that property damage at the end of Man Of Steel.  

Harvey Dent could be his lawyer!  

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