May 20, 2014

First Look At Ryan Gosling's Weird Ass Directorial Debut LOST RIVER

The Cannes Film Festival is currently underway in France and we're already hearing all sorts of interesting buzz from a few highly anticipated films.  Grace Of Monoco starring Nicole Kidman was apparently a huge bust while everybody is raving about Steve Carrell and Channing Tatum in Bennett Miller's Foxcatcher.  Get ready for a million "That's what she said" jokes come Oscar season.

Somewhere in the middle ground lies Lost River (formerly How To Catch A Monster), the first film directed by walking meme generator Ryan Gosling.  The film was reportedly met by a mix of applause and boos. Cannes audiences are notorious for having extremely vocal and I really think we should follow their example.  Look forward to hearing me boo the shit out of Transformers: Age Of ExSTINKtion this summer.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about, here's a fairly cryptic first look teaser.  It features moody cinematography, burning things, and a gold sequined Doctor Who screaming about his muscly muscles.

You've gotta give Gosling credit for not taking the easy road.  As a darling of the internet and basically the most attractive man alive, he could be churning out a romantic comedy or two or year and making piles of Fuck You Money in the process.  Instead Gosling's repeatedly chosen to work with artistic and challenging filmmakers like Nicolas Winding Refn and Derek Cianfrance; the guy's got an odd streak a mile wide and thankfully he's chosen to embrace it.  All that being said, it's little wonder that a movie this bizarre would sharply divide audiences and I quite frankly cannot wait to see it.

Once it hit theaters, I expect Tumblr to promptly implode.

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