April 13, 2015

Spoiler Fans Will Love This TERMINATOR: GENISYS Trailer

So there's a new trailer out for this summer's upcoming and unfortunately titled Terminator: Genisys and it is apparently EXTREMELY spoilery in terms of this movie's particular timeline-related twists.
I have, therefore, not watched it.  But you might want to.  So it's embedded below.

Look, I've long held that studios give away far too much information about a movie in their attempts to sell it to audiences.  With a known quantity like Terminator, this habit is all the more baffling. However history judges this particular installment, we all know what we're getting when it comes to the franchise as a whole.  If killer robots and time travel isn't your bag, then these aren't the movies for you.  Otherwise, you're probably already on board, or at least morbidly curious.  That's sort of where I fall at this point - skeptical but intrigued.  So I guess this means I'm officially into my traditional marketing blackout mode now that summer is almost upon us.

For all you Terminator fans out there, we're planning on doing a full franchise rewatch on the podcast in the weeks leading up to the release of Genisys, so dust off your DVDs and get psyched!  For what it's worth, there's a $50 box set available on Amazon, or you can do what I did and buy each movie individually and save yourself $16.

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