April 13, 2015

Podcast Episode 51 - GOLDFINGER Is The Best And Worst Of James Bond

For the past few weeks, my very patient wife Jamie and I have been making our way through my shiny new James Bond box set.  She agreed to embark upon this adventure with me on the promise that each film will be accompanied by a themed cocktail.  So Goldfinger and whiskey sours it was!

Jamie has a serious (and justifiable) issue with James Bond in that he is an incredibly chauvinistic and condescending prick around women.  Seriously, he borderline rapes Pussy Galore at one point.  This stuff is undeniable, but so is the pure pleasure of seeing Sean Connery fight super-lasers and a mute Asian manservant with a decapitating bowler hat.  Goldfinger set the tone for all James Bond films and the entire spy genre for years to come.  The real question is whether Goldfinger's hijinks doomed 007 to become too silly for its own good. And if you don't think that argument holds water, remember that the first time we see Sean Connery in this movie, he's wearing a duck as a hat. 

That being said, this is also the movie that broke Jamie in terms of her ability to keep watching this franchise.  I have now given up any hope that she'll make it through all 24 movies.  Still, her unbridled rage makes for a pretty entertaining podcast.

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Next Week: Ex Machina (hopefully) and reflections on the end of FX's Justified.

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