January 29, 2015

The First Trailer For TED 2 Is Sperm-tastic!

I find it difficult to be impartial about Seth MacFarlane's Ted, not because I'm a huge fan of the Family Guy creator (although I kind of am) but because it's a movie that's meticulously constructed to appeal to my baser, Masshole instincts.  Ted's girlfriend, Tami-Lynn?  Every word that comes out of her mouth likely falls flat to most of the country.  But to an audience of South Shore townies?  That shit KILLS.

Now we've got a sequel coming our way, and while I wouldn't exactly say I'm excited for it, this trailer is funny enough to ensure my future ticket purchase.

I like seeing Flash Gordon right up front and that Sam Jackson line is pretty good.  It seems like they've given Tami-Lynn a lot more to do this time around and that makes me a little nervous, as does the lack of Mila Kunis.  But Amanda Seyfried can more than hold her own.  And what can I say, I just unabashedly love goofy Mark Wahlberg.  I've watched him say "fish nuggets" five times now and I've laughed every time.

I also appreciate the tasteful cutaway to the outside hallway when Wahlberg knocks over the baker's rack full of sperm cups.  This way it'll be even funnier when the movie actually shows him dripping with semen.  This is Trailer-Cutting 101, folks.

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