December 18, 2014

CREED Gets A Ladyfriend, Continues Its March Towards Being A Real Movie

My Rocky love runs deep.

Last year when I went to an advanced screening of Fruitvale Station, I spoke to director Ryan Coogler and asked him what his next project was.  When he replied, "A boxing movie," I thought little of it.  Cut to a few months later when it's announced that Coogler's boxing movie is actually Creed, a spinoff/sequel to the fucking Rocky franchise and I basically start frothing at the mouth with excitement.

Coogler's Fruitvale star and the future Human Torch Michael B. Jordan will play the grandson to Apollo Creed, who's become a talented boxer in his own right.  Of course he recruits the Italian Stallion to serve as his trainer, effectively turning Rocky into the new Mickey.  If we're really lucky, than IMDb is correct and Jordan's character name really is Adonis Creed.  Sometimes the world can be a marvelous place.

The project has been in development for a while and last month they even recruited some real life boxers to play Creed's opponents.  Now real life actress Tessa Thompson has joined the cast in an unspecified role that we can safely assume is Adonis's love interest.  I wasn't the biggest fan of Thompson back in her Veronica Mars days, but I hear lots of good things about her work in both Selma and Dear White People.

Mostly I'm just happy that we're getting closer to this movie actually existing.

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