October 24, 2014

Ten Reasons Why This Trailer For THE GAMBLER Makes Me Giggle With Delight

Here are ten reasons why the trailer for The Gambler is my favorite non-Avengers thing this week.

1. Bald John Goodman.

2. The perfect rhythmic soundscape underscoring the visuals despite the absence of any actual music.

3. Shaggy Mark Wahlberg sassing Jessica Lange.

4. Brie Larson as a sultry cocktail waitress.

5. Omar/Chalky White with a silver chinstrap beard.

6. Razor sharp William Monahan dialogue that instantly makes me want to go home and watch The Departed.

7. It's a crime movie from Rupert Wyatt, the director of Rise Of The Planet of The Apes.  I'm now imagining a version of this movie in which Walhberg's character is played by Andy Serkis's Caesar and John Goodman is played by Maurice the oragutan.

8. Did I mention bald John Goodman?

9. Fuck you.

10. This:

What more do you really want?

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