July 22, 2014

This Trailer For THE ONE I LOVE Hints At One Weird Ass Romcom

My wife and I just recently started watching Mad Men, one of many highly regarded TV shows which we've been accidentally ignoring for years now.  The rampant misogyny has Jamie crawling up the damn walls, which makes the show infinitely more entertaining for me, what with all my white male-ness.  She's particularly frustrated by Elizabeth Moss's character Peggy, who so far (we're about halfway through Season 1) comes across as a character we want to like but who keeps doing lots of really dumb stuff.  You kind of want to slap her every time she makes googly eyes at Vincent Kartheiser's Terrible Acting.  It remains to be seen if we will ever stop thinking of her as Zoey Bartlet.

It's slightly easier to forget her West Wing heritage in this trailer for The One I Love, mostly because she's blonde.  She appears alongside a dorky Mark Duplass in the romantic comedy that might also be a drama in which a couple spends a weekend an estate with some kind of magical guest house.  The trailer is designed to make you walk away wondering exactly what happens behind that red door, but name dropping Spike Jonze and Charlie Kaufman in one of the pull quotes probably gives you a pretty clear indication.  My money is on some kind of Malkovich-esque portal that lets them into each other's minds or something of that ilk.


I'm a sucker for these kinds of movies, so I'm in.  You go, Peggy Bartlet!

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