July 22, 2014

Get Your Time Travel On With Ethan Hawke In This PREDESTINATION Trailer

One of the movies I was most upset about missing at this year's SXSW was Predestination, the new time travel movie from the Spierig Brothers starring Ethan Hawke, Noah Taylor and newcomer Sarah Snook.  (Helluva name.)  Hawke plays a temporal agent who prevents crimes before they occur, on the hunt for the adorably named Fizzle Bomber.  Snook plays his possibly androgynous protege.  Noah Taylor plays Creepy Noah Taylor.

I shamelessly love almost all time travel movies and Predestination looks like it's got a lot of moving pieces and fascinating theoretical science at play, along with some strong anachronistic production design.  In fact, the mad bomber stuff looks like the least interesting part of the movie.  That probably says something.

I have only hazy memories of Daybreakers, the Spierigs' futuristic vampire movie which also starred Ethan Hawke.  I think I enjoyed it?  I really couldn't say.  I remember that it looked cool.  And I remember Willem Dafoe was in it, so it couldn't have been all that bad.  I am somewhat distracted by Hawke's husky monotone in this trailer, especially after having just watched him at his animated best in Richard Linklater's Boyhood.  Then again, a lot of that footage was shot about a decade ago, because Boyhood is like a little time machine in and of itself.  In fact all movies are like time machines, man!

I totally just blew my own mind.


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