July 18, 2014

SyFy's Upcoming 12 MONKEYS Series Looks Surprisingly Not Terrible

My 12 Monkeys DVD is seriously calling to me.  First there was the totally sweet, totally trippy trailer for Terry Gilliam's upcoming The Zero Theorem.  Now we've got our first glimpse of SyFy's attempt to convert Gilliam's post-apocalyptic time travel story into an hour-long series and it actually looks pretty decent. Former X-Man Aaron Stanford looks to be filling the shoes of Bruce Willis as the man from the future trying to solve a mystery in the past while Amanda Schull plays Madeleine Stowe and Zeljko Ivanek may or may not be a ponytail-less David Morse.  Or perhaps he's Brad Pitt with a better tailor.  This point remains unclear.

I won't lie, I'm a little disappointed that the weird visual flourishes that defined Gilliam's film, stuff like Bruce Willis's clunky plastic suit and the council of future elders who gave him his orders, seem to be absent here.  Then again I'm not entirely surprised either.  Still, I'm always up for a good time travel story and if executive producers Travis Ficket and Terry Matalas can give us a compelling mystery using a stripped down version of Gilliam's story, I'm in.  Especially if they're really gonna play with the time travel stuff.  Might we actually get to see Stanford's James Cole jump into a bunch of different time periods?  I certainly hope so, mostly because I want to see 80's Zeljko Ivanec.

SyFy could use a marquee property that hearkens back to the glory days of Battlestar Galactica as opposed to all this Sharknado bullshit.  The series debuts in January of 2015, at which point the original film will be 20 years old.


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