July 09, 2014

Prepare To Trip Balls With THE ZERO THEOREM Trailer

I am always in favor of more Terry Gilliam no matter the circumstances, and the circumstances are usually pretty shitty when that guy decides to make a new movie.  He's the director who can't catch a break.  But by all accounts the filming of his latest bucket of crazy, The Zero Theorem, was filmed with minimal interruption or wrath of God to derail the production.  I've been meaning to rewatch both Brazil and 12 Monkeys for a while now and this looks like as good an excuse as any to do so, with Gilliam himself saying that the three films form a sort of thematic dystopian trilogy.

The Zero Theorem features a bald Christoph Waltz as some sort of mathematician trying to solve an existential quandry through arithmetic.  It also features That Werewolf Guy From Harry Potter, Peter Fucking Stormare, Tilda Swinton's British Accent and a white haired Matt Damon in a zebra suit.  Spark up the bong and check out the latest trailer below.

September 19th is fast approaching.

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