July 03, 2014

No Mirror Is Safe From Channing Tatum In This FOXCATCHER Trailer

Channing Tatum and Steve Carrell look poised to win all the awards this year with Bennett Miller's Foxcatcher, the true story of Olympic wrestler Mark Schultz (Tatum) whose complicated relationship with his brother Dave (Mark Ruffalo) and team sponsor John Du Pont (Carrell) leads to shocking and violent consequences.  It also seems to lead to a lot of sharply protruding jawbones.

It's been a while since I revisited Miller's Capote but I'm awfully fond of Moneyball, which sort of feels like a diet version of The Social Network.  That film works largely because of the script's breezy sense of fun, so hopefully Miller will be able to handle this markedly darker tone with just as much energy.  I'm also curious to see how Tatum fares with what looks like a lot of heavy lifting in a serious drama, and one where he's not cast largely for his good looks and charm.  Tatum has built up a lot of goodwill with me the last few years because of his strong comedy work and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little wary of the return of Wooden Channing.

That said, I find wheezy, graying Steve Carrell with his marble-mouthed Southern drawl downright enthralling.

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