July 02, 2014

Netflix Takes You Out To The Ballgame With This Trailer For THE BATTERED BASTARDS OF BASEBALL

Team USA's dreams of World Cup victory came to a screeching halt yesterday, which I suppose means that most sports fans' attentions will swing back to focus once again upon the great American pastime of baseball.  In a baseball town like Boston that's pretty easy business, even if the Red Sox are currently looking pretty dismal in fourth place.  But for those of you who need a little reminder why baseball is so damn great, Netflix has got you covered.

Starting next week you'll be able to stream The Battered Bastards Of Baseball, a documentary about the independent minor league Portland Mavericks.  It's a great underdog story about a bunch of muttonchopped, mustachioed dreamers who just wanted to play ball.  It's even got some star power in the form of the one and only Kurt Russell, who once played for the team that was owned by his father Bing Russell after a long acting career of his own back in the glory days of the Hollywood western.

At this point it seems inevitable that we'll eventually get a narrative adaptation with Russell playing the role of his father.  It remains to be seen if that will play as fun as Mario Van Peebles playing his father Melvin plus Melvin's onscreen alter ego Sweet Sweetback in Baadasssss!  Unlikely, but you never know.

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