May 23, 2014

ANT-MAN Will Proceed sans Edgar Wright

Well this can't be good.

Marvel Studios and Edgar Wright just issued a joint statement detailing Wright's departure from the upcoming Ant-Man, citing "differences in their vision for the film."  That's fairly baffling considering that Wright has been developing the project for many years now, dating all the way back to Phase One.  You'd think that Marvel should have known the score by now, so I can't help be curious as to the nature if their apparent disagreement. Did they think Wright was gonna make the movie too awesome?  Cuz that seems like a legitimate fear. 

The silver lining is that Marvel isn't pushing the release date, meaning most of the major moving pieces will remain in place.  That includes the script by Wright and Attack The Block director Joe Cornish (although I'm sure it'll get tweaked a bit depending on who takes over) and the cast, which includes Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Pena, Patrick Wilson and Michael Douglas. Still, this totally stings. Wright seemed totally in line with the collection of singular creative voices Marvel had heretofore assembled to bring their characters to life, guys like Joss Whedon, James Gunn, Shane Black and the Russo brothers. What's more, it would have continued the effort to make each of these heroes exist in the same universe while maintaining their own distinct tones and story types.  I was REALLY looking forward to an Edgar Wright Marvel comedy. 

So who steps in now?  Ant-Man is supposed to kick off Phase Three following Age Of Ultron, so Marvel doesn't exactly have a lot of time to fuck around here.  Matthew Vaughn looks available. How about James Bobin?  Is it too much to hope that Marvel will back up a pair of Brinks trucks in front of the respective houses of Phil Lord and Chris Miller?

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