June 04, 2013

Programming Note: I Have A Calendar!

It's important to keep organized.

Most of my life is run through Google at this point and my calendar is no different.  I have a personal calendar as well as a shared calendar with my wife, a task calendar and calendars for each of the sports teams I follow.  (When I lived within spitting distance of the Garden, knowing when there was a Celtics or Bruins game was pretty clutch.)

It only makes sense that I'd put together a calendar for my screenings as well.

If you look in the top menu bar you'll notice I've removed the link to my now-neglected blog Ansible Network (I'll undoubtedly pick it up again when my year is over) and replaced it with an embedded calendar of all my screenings.  It contains every movie I've watched to date (triple digits ahoy!) as well as a handful of future screenings and events I don't want to miss out on, e.g. the Tarantino Chronicles running at the Brattle starting this weekend.  I usually try to plan out my screenings a week or so in advance, but my schedule is always subject to change so some listings will be abruptly shifted or replaced at the last minute.  You can even follow along using your own calendar if you like.

Yay time management!

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