June 23, 2015

Podcast Episode 61: TERMINATOR 3 And The Rise Of Dat Funky Man

Due to some scheduling issues and our own loquacious natures, this week we're releasing two different podcasts.  Here's round one, in which we drag Jeff kicking and screaming into the Cameron-less world of Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines.  For me and Bart, it was our first proper revisit of the film in many years, and while a few key sequences totally hold up (namely the end and the infamous crane chase) we learn that most of the film was probably better left in our rose-tinted memory banks.  The Terminatrix is boring, the effects somehow look shittier than T2, and Nick Stahl is a poor replacement for Eddie Furlong.  Considering that I don't particularly love Eddie Furlong, that's really saying something.  Yet whenever Stahl is on screen with Arnold and Claire Danes, you almost forget that he's in the room.  Not exactly what you want out of the leader of the human resistance.

Ah well.  On the bright side, we expose Jeff to the best part of the movie that was actually cut from the movie, the infamous "Sargeant Candy" scene.  We all agree that Terminator 3 might have been saved if it had more openly embraced its sillier side, like the part where the Terminatrix has inflatible breasts, or the bit when Arnold hits her in the face with a urinal.  More of that please.  On the plus side, we did discover the timeless classic "Dat Funky Man," a.k.a. the song that plays over the gas station scene which was apparently written by director Jonathan Mostow.  I'm particularly fond of the lyric "Wabba wabba wabba!"  I think that about sums up the entire experience of watching this movie.

On a technical note, we're still working out the audio kinks when it comes to recording these things with remote participants using Skype.  This episode doesn't sound bad, but it's not up to my usual high standards from an audio engineering standpoint.  Suffice it to say, I'm working on it.

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Later This Week: Pixar's brilliant Inside Out!

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