March 24, 2015

Is This Real Life? Digital Bruce Lee vs. Iron Mike Tyson In IP MAN 3

I'll admit that Donnie Yen's vaunted Ip Man films have somehow slipped under my radar despite having been available to stream on Netflix for months.  But I did get around to Wong Kar Wai's take on the same character in The Grandmaster and that was a fairly stunning affair.  Now The Hollywood Reporter has broken some news that will almost certainly inspire me to finally get around to watching Yen's depiction of the man who trained Bruce Lee.

Principal photography begins today on Ip Man 3.  That's surprising enough in itself, considering that Yen's series has been quiet for half a decade.  But now it seems the film will also star none other than Iron Mike Tyson as the film's villain, a real estate developer with a penchant for street fighting.  If that wasn't bizarre enough, it also turns out that the filmmakers have opted to forgo casting someone to play young Bruce Lee and will instead bring him to life using some form of CGI, likely something along the lines of some Social Network-style face swapping.

My impression was that the Ip Man films were classier than this sort of tomfoolery, but now I need to watch the first two entries to see what other oddities I may have been missing out on.  Either way, this is some peculiar and exciting stuff.  And lest you forget, Mike Tyson also has his Adult Swim series Mike Tyson Mysteries which he describes as "Scooby-Doo meets The A-Team."

How have I not yet watched that show?

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