January 07, 2015

The Human-Sized ANT-MAN Trailer Has Arrived

I host pub trivia on Tuesday nights, which means I usually don't catch up with Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. until Wednesdays.  Normally this does not present a huge problem, but now that the show has been temporarily supplanted by Agent Carter, well, I'm just itching to get home and catch up with my DVR.  Last night's two hour premiere also featured our first look at the teaser for Ant-Man, Marvel's first post-Ultron movie, (which is technically going to be the last film of Phase 2).

I like it!  It's a bit more serious than I was expecting, but I don't expect that's super-representative of the final film's overall tone.  Perhaps Disney's marketing department feels they really need to sell us on the concept of Paul Rudd: Hunky Super Hero?  I dunno.  But the suit looks good and the few shots of him riding insects are kind of great.  Not too silly but not grotesque either.  I'm glad the ants don't look like monsters.

What I really love is the suggestion that Hank Pym has become an old man puttering around in a private, underground lab while his company is seemingly run by his daughter and an unsavory successor.  It feels like a nice spin on the Tony Stark model, like what Howard Stark might have become had he not been killed by the Winter Soldier.  I also like the emotional subtext here: a possibly disgraced Pym trying to win back the respect of his adult daughter and while Scott Lang does the same with his younger one.  Sounds meaty and dramatic to me.

Do I miss the presence of Edgar Wright?  Sure.  But I have a lot of faith in Peyton Reed and from what I can see here, he's made the best of a very bad situation.  Still, isn't this supposed to be a funny heist movie?  Why so serious?

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