December 01, 2014

The KINGSMAN Trailer: You Had Me At Lisping Sam Jackson

I love (and own) each and every one of Matthew Vaughn's films.  The guy has a great eye for staging action sequences as well as a sharp ear for humor.  He usually maintains a great balance between "cool" and "fun", a feat that is far more difficult than it sounds.  I was therefore confused by the first few trailers for Kingsman: The Secret Service, which stars Colin Firth as a British superspy with all kinds of crazy gadgets.  It's hard not to feel like this is a movie which revels in all that which has been summarily discarded by Daniel Craig's incarnation of Bond.  That could be fun, but something about those early looks felt fairly by-the-numbers.  Maybe it was the whole tutoring-a-streetwise-young-protege storyline that just did nothing for me.  I'm not sure.

But then I saw this new trailer.

Samuel L. Jackson as a lisping supervillain?  I think I'm in love.  I'm also tickled by his henchwoman, who appears to be a literal blade runner.  According to IMDb, her character's name is Gazelle.  That's so incredibly dumb that I can't help but adore it.  I also spotted a rocket pack in there as well as a terrified and professorial Mark Hamill.  But who cares.  I could spend two hours just watching Nick Fury's speech impediment wax on about blood on his carpets.

I am now officially excited about this movie.

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