December 10, 2014

23 JUMP STREET Might Also Be MEN IN BLACK 4. No, Seriously.

Sony's having a rough time of it.  In the wake of their massive data breach (which may or may not have been a North Korean preemptive strike against The Interview) all of their dirty laundry is now being made a matter of public record.  Right now, as we speak, news agencies have teams of investigators (a.k.a. interns) pouring over all the leaked documents in search of juicy tidbits.  I don't really want to encourage this sort of thing, the fact that I am a former Sony employee notwithstanding.  That being said, in the last few days some stories have come to light that simply cannot be ignored.  Chief among them, the notion that there is currently a Jump Street/Men In Black crossover movie in development.

I'll give you a minute to process that.

The end credits gag in 22 Jump Street pretty effectively took the wind out of every possible alternate spin on the buddy cop genre, so why not turn Jenko and Schmidt into MIB agents?  The only real obstacle I can see here is a tonal one.  I can't believe I'm about to say this, but the Men In Black movies actually feel way more grounded in reality than Jump Street, which is constantly on the verge of breaking the fourth wall to comment on the cinematic tropes involved, be they in regards to action movies or sequels in general.  Would we lose all that in the world of MIB?  I would think so, and that thought makes me more than a bit sad.  The meta-ness of it all is what makes Jump Street so damn compelling.

For the record, there is currently no script and it's unlikely that Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones would be involved, although I wouldn't rule out a Depp-esque cameo at some point.  If they do pop up, I hope it's solely to get killed off in the opening scene.  That would make Jenko the new Agent J, yeah?

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