November 25, 2014

Aaron Sorkin's Steve Jobs Movie Is Still Happening

It's been a crazy couple of weeks for the Steve Jobs biography, scripted by Aaron Sorkin and set to be directed by Danny Boyle.  First it looked like the project was all geared up and ready to go with Christian Bale in the lead and Seth Rogen circling the role of Steve Wozniak.  Then Bale abruptly backed out and a few weeks later, Sony dropped the project entirely after two years of development.

But Universal has now stepped up and grabbed the project, which The Hollywood Reporter Hollywood reports now has Michael Fassbender attached to play the Apple founder.  Good for Universal.  They've taken some hits over the years, producing some sneakily great films like Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, the Kick-Ass franchise and 2 Guns (which is secretly amazing) that somehow never managed to find their audience theatrically.  They could use a real prestige picture and I honestly find Fassbender a much more fascinating choice to play Jobs than Bale.

My prevailing interest in this movie remains Aaron Sorkin's script, which is based loosely on Walter Isaacson's dense and lengthy biography.  The whole script is structured as three scenes that take place on the eves of various product launches.  I'm a big fan of slice-of-life biographies, as opposed to these big, sprawling stories that try to run the gamut from birth to death.  I'll take My Week With Marilyn over Ray any day.

I've also heard that Jessica Chastain is attached in an unspecified role, which I assume to be Jobs wife but will probably turn out to be his daughter in the future, reading morse code messages from her father on her Apple Watch.

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