October 06, 2014

Behold The Schlock-Glory Of Canon Films In This Trailer For ELECTRIC BOOGALOO

In my quest to watch a new movie every day, I finally got around to watching a number of different movies by that stalwart of 1980's cinema, Cannon Films.  Titles like Missing In Action, Masters of The Universe and in particular Over The Top...these will remain some of my fondest memories from my year-long experiment.  At the same time, this is now one of those things that I now lament about my childhood.  At the time, my only real exposure to the inherent madness of Manahem Golan and Yoram Globus was Superman IV: The Quest For Peace.  I guess it's now up to me to make up for lost time by gobbling up as many Cannon films as I can possibly get my hands on.

And what better primer to guide me on that journey than Electric Boogaloo - The Wild Untold Story of Cannon Films.

Magnificent.  I have no doubt that the majority of these movies are bordering on unwatchable, but this trailer leaves me absolutely fascinated.  Golan's assertion that the important part of filmmaking is the actual doing feels admirable, and obviously it yielded some...unique results.  And there are some "Holy SHIT!" images here, like that clip of the garage door exploding and taking out the guy sitting at the desk, that I just can't tear my eyes away from.  Chuck Norris's motorcycle exhaust rocket launcher?  Franco Nero completely redubbed in a ninja movie?    A bearded Lou Ferrigno punching a grizzly bear into space?  How have I not seen those movies?

This documentary has been gestating for a long time now and somehow still has no release date.  Somebody please fix that, because I need to see this film immediately.


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