September 26, 2014

Start Your Weekend Off Right With This Killer BATMAN Music Medley

I love me a good film score and superhero movies are often known for their iconic musical themes.  When I was a kid, there was nothing quite like the one-two punch of John Williams' Superman and Danny Elfman's Batman.  But I also respect the hell out of James Newton Howard's work on Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy.  When Batman Begins first came out there were a lot of complaints that it was missing a memorable theme that you could hum to yourself while walking out of the theater, but Howard's score is kind of sneaky brilliant - you might be hard pressed to remember the tune off the top of your head, but it's instantly identifiable as soon as you hear it.  And then there's Neal Hefti's impossibly catchy theme song to the old Adam West Batman series, which finally hits Blu-ray this November!

Batman Evolution by The Piano Guys is great because it's not only a masterful performance of all three pieces of music, but the video itself is wonderfully staged.  Including each of the Batmobiles is a great move that can't help but bring a smile to your face.  I also love their construction of West's Batcave and the way they twitch with every "POW!"  Hearing the Elfman theme woven into the Hefti theme as it transitions over is inarguably cool and also that guy has a giant bat sticking out of the bottom of his cello!

Happy Friday.

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