July 15, 2014

This Trailer For Disney & Marvel's BIG HERO 6 Looks Like Tons Of Inflatable Fun

When it was first announced that Marvel was joining the Disney family, we all got excited at the prospect of Pixar animated superhero movies.  It seemed only a matter of time before this new corporate synergy bore cartoon fruit and now it seems that time is at hand, although it's Disney Animation and not Pixar has answered the call.

This November will see the premiere of Big Hero 6, an animated feature based on the Marvel comics about a team of young heroes operating out of the future city of San Fransokyo.  They're led by Hiro Hamada and his inflatable robot Baymax.  Up till now we've only seen some vague concept art and a quick character-based teaser, but now we've got our first real look at the tone and scope of the film and I really like what I'm seeing here:

For a better look at the rest of the team, check out these character images over at Ain't It Cool.  TJ Miller's character apparently turns into some kind of fire-breathing demon creature, so obviously I'm on board.  Maybe we'll get really lucky and somehow these guys will make their way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, interacting with Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlet Johansson, Who Framed Roger Rabbit-style.

Marvel will be hitting San Diego Comic Con in full force next week, so I'm a little surprised they didn't save this to premiere at their Hall H panel.  Maybe they'll show a longer sizzle real that will only make its way onto the interwebs in Google Glass-captured bootleg form.

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