June 13, 2014

The Trailer For PREMATURE Is GROUNDHOG DAY Redux, Again.

Last week saw the premiere of Edge Of Tomorrow, best described as Groundhog Day in an alien warzone.  Now we have the trailer for Premature, best described as Groundhog Day in teenage boy's crotch.  I hope Harold Ramis is getting his royalty checks in afterlife.

The premise is simple: rather than restarting the day every time he dies or whenever the clock hits 6:00 AM, young Rob (John Karna) experiences a closed temporal loop whenever he has an orgasm.  Hijinks naturally ensue.  I had the good fortune to catch a screening of Premature at this year's SXSW and I was very pleasantly surprised.  This movie is gross and clever and just flat out funny.  Director Dan Beers has created something that far surpasses the expectations that are invariably set when you hear the description (made explicit in the trailer as if you couldn't connect the dots yourself) Groundhog Day meets American Pie.  It's also got a lot of heart and Karna is extremely winning as the lead.

Also, he's got a funny "O-face."

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