June 26, 2014

Get A Good Look At Tom Hardy As MAD MAX

About a year ago, Entertainment Weekly started showing up at my door despite my never having asked it to do so.  That can't be a good indicator of their current business model if they're just giving that shit away for free.  Poor, poor print media.  Your time is almost up.  Lately I've been getting notices saying that my unsolicited subscription was about to expire and I think last week's issue was the end of the line.  Which of course means that this week's issue actually contains something of interest to me.

George Miller started shooting Mad Max: Fury Road approximately a million years ago.  This was a project that was delayed and derailed more than a few times, but when he finally had a cut to show to Warner Brothers they apparently flipped for it, so much so that they actually gave Miller more money for additional shooting days to flesh out some of the automobile action.  Next May we'll actually get to see the fruits of Miller's labors, with Tom Hardy stepping into the Max Rockatansky role and Charlize Theron as (I believe) the villain Imperator Furiosa.  According to this Entertainment Weekly cover, her character has one arm.  You can tell because of their HILARIOUS caption, oddly floating out in the middle of the image.  Oh EW, you're so witty.

Thankfully this is not a reboot but a direct sequel to the first three Mad Max movies, all of which I finally watched during my year-long movie watching quest and none of which I have written about as of yet.  Because I am a lazy bastard.  I sort of assume that when it comes to the character's history, Miller will be glossing over much of the truly bizarre Beyond Thunderdome, particularly all the stuff with the weird child society and their airplane cult.  Then again, Miller is also the guy responsible for the giant barrel of crazy that is Babe: Pig In The City.  So who fucking knows.

Head over to EW to check out a handful of other photos and storyboard sketches.

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