June 11, 2014

The Trailer For DUMB AND DUMBER TO Tickles My Giblets

I'm always rooting for the Farrelly Brothers.  They are some of the funniest guys I've ever met and I even got the chance to work with them (as a lowly PA) on Fever Pitch.  They've had a rough go of it the last few years, having spent the better part of a decade developing a Three Stooges movie that wasn't exactly well received by audiences.  But those audiences were dumb audiences who I'm pretty sure had never actually seen a Three Stooges short before in their lives.  Sure the Jersey Shore bit feels instantly dated and lame, but I can fast forward through that bit.  The movie is full of the exact kind of broad, wince-inducing physical comedy that sustained me through childhood and the three leads were almost spooky in their portrayal of Larry, Moe and Curly.  Chris Diamantopoulos is utterly unrecognizable in the best way possible.  If you're a true Stooges fan, it's a must see.

Now the Farrellys have returned to what's probably their best film, Dumb And Dumber.  Harry and Lloyd are back once again, 20 years older and just as ridiculous as ever.  I kinda dig this trailer.  There are a couple of bits that cracked me up, I like goofy Jeff Daniels, and Jim Carrey looks to be back in his physical comedy element.  Then again, I don't know if he can still clear the bar set by Leonardo DiCaprio in the quaalude scene in The Wolf Of Wall Street.

Check out the Shaggin' Wagon in the poster below.

Once upon a time, there was a Dumb And Dumber prequel and it was very unfunny.  Except for that one scene with Bob Saget.  That shit gets me every time.

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