May 13, 2014

Podcast Episode 14: ATTACK THE BLOCK Or The Power Rangers Vs. The Gorilla-Wolf Motherfuckers

"Allow it."
Last week we talked about John Boyega leading the cast for the new Star Wars trilogy and Bart mentioned that he still hadn't seen Joe Cornish's incredible freshman film Attack The Block.  This week we decided to rectify the situation.  In truth we didn't actually end up talking about the movie for very long before the conversation steered its way onto a number of other topics, including Roberto Orci potentially taking the reins for the next Star Trek film, the inherent narrative problem with most prequels, the future of comic books on television (this fall will bring us Gotham, Constantine, Flash and Agent Carter to go with new seasons of Arrow and Agents Of SHIELD), and who should take fill Patrick Swayze's surfboard for the upcoming Point Break remake.  We also discuss the recently announced Power Rangers movie, and I somehow get painted as some kind of secret hardcore fanboy.  I'm still not really sure how that happened.

Don't take our lack of proper attention as an indictment of Attack The Block's quality.  We all loved it unreservedly and it's one of those movies that I will totally watch at the drop of a hat.  If you haven't seen it, I can't recommend it enough.  Think Goonies vs alien monsters, but British and in the 'hood.  Sadly, the film is not currently streaming on any major services, but you can get the DVD from Netflix or you can buy it on Blu-ray from Amazon for a paltry $15.

That being said, I'm rather fond of the meandering nature of this week's episode.  We cover a lot of different ground and it feels representative of my favorite kind of conversations about movies.  We're quickly entering the heart of summer movie season - Godzilla and X-Men hit theaters the next two weeks and then it's June and we're pretty much off to the races.  Still, I'm working to try and balance the content of these sessions so the movie of the week and the general discussion of cinematic current events is a little more even.

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