March 03, 2014


Holy shit, I made it.

Now that my one year deadline has come and gone, people have started asking me where I'll go from here.  It's something I've put a lot of thought into the past few months and I'd be lying if I said I didn't consider just keeping the train rolling indefinitely.  But then again, I'd also like to start watching Breaking Bad eventually.  Besides, I like the notion of bringing this project to a close and letting it stand as it's own independent entity.  Kind of like The Vatican.

First things first.  As any faithful reader of this site is aware, I may have watched a year's worth of movies, but I have not, in fact, written them all up yet.  As of this writing I've addressed about 215 of the 366 films I watched and I remain committed to the goal of giving each movie its due.  So there will continue to be a steady stream of reviews located right here over the course of the next several weeks.  Expect a brief gap in the short-term, as I'm heading to South By Southwest for the first time this Thursday.  If I'm lucky I'll be able to catch a few new films while I'm down there.

But what happens when I finally finish making up for lost time?  After a lot of careful consideration, I've decided to keep the site up and running while also expanding the scope of the content you'll find here.  There will still be reviews of new movies, along with thoughts on older flicks that I'm just getting around to watching and some revisits of films I haven't wached in years in an effort to determine if these movies are really as good or as terrible as I remember.  There'll also be a lot of short-form news stories regarding new movies in development, casting announcements, posters and trailers.  I may even recruit a few of my other writer friends to contribute some material.  (You know who you are.)

But the thing I'm most excited about is our podcast, which you can now subscribe to on iTunes right here.  Over the course of the year we've recorded eight episodes (the latest one is a doozy and will be up this week) and they are without question my favorite thing to come out of this whole bizarre endeavor.  In fact, Bart and I have enjoyed podcasting so much that our plan is to make it a weekly affair.  I really love the format we've developed, discussing a single film in detail and then branching out to discuss current news items or interesting movie related topics.  We'll likely start announcing each week's film in advance so listeners will have the chance to watch before listening and I definitely want to get some more guests involved.  If I get really ambitious, we may even start to experiment with recording in front of an audience.

But that's a little ways away and I've got plenty of work to keep me busy in the meantime.  I'm hoping that even though my year is up, you'll stick around and continue to discover informative and entertaining movie content as the site slowly evolves over the coming months.  I have no idea where we'll end up, but getting there is gonna be a helluva lot of fun.

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