February 25, 2014

Grab Your Tickets Now For This Saturday's Final Daley Screening Double Feature Of ALIENS and MIAMI CONNECTION!

I can't believe that I'm already in my last week of screenings.  Has it really been a year already?

This Saturday night is my Final Screening Double Feature at the Brattle Theatre and I could not possibly be more excited about it.  I've put together one helluva night if I do say so myself.  I've got a collection of awesome trailers to warm you up for each film and a performance from the current members of my old college a cappella group Noteworthy, who've got a pretty killer movie theme up their sleeves.  I've also put together a few rounds of trivia with prizes for the winners.  It's all movie trivia based on the 365 films that I've watched over the course of this project, but they're not based on my actual articles so you don't need to have been following along with me the whole time.

It all kicks off at 7:00 PM with a screening of James Cameron's Aliens.  In truth, I've seen this movie once before, although not on the big screen.  I was really hoping to show Ghostbusters and in light of the recent death of Harold Ramis, I'm now doubly sad that the print wasn't available.  But Aliens holds a special place for me and was a big inspiration for starting this site in the first place, so I'm totally pumped to see it again.  Plus we're showing a brand new DCP print, so even if you've seen the movie before, I guarantee you haven't seen it like this.

Music and trivia will go down immediately after and then we really delve into madness with Grandmaster Y.K. Kim's Miami Connection.  Bear witness to this vintage bit of 80's absurdity, chronicling synth rock ninjas Dragon Sound and their efforts to rid their neighborhood of a gang of drug dealing bikers.  This might be the one movie I've been most looking forward in the whole year, and there's no doubt it my mind that you'll all be singing Against The Ninja all the way home.

Tickets are now on sale right here the Brattle website.  I suspect you'll be able to get tickets at the door as well, but I can't make any promises so you might as well grab them in advance.  If you want to/need to, you can leave after Aliens or arrive solely for Miami Connection, but if you're brave enough to withstand both than tickets are a mere $12.  ($10 if you're a Brattle member or a student with appropriate ID.)  Plus the Brattle is one of those rare theaters in town that serves not only popcorn with actual butter, but also beer and wine!  I expect to have more than a few before the night is over.

After all, it is my birthday.  That means you HAVE to come.

Note: The above poster was done by my very oldest friend, Chris Daly.  (No relation.)  I'll probably have some on hand Saturday night if you're interested.  You can check out some of his other work here.

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