January 02, 2014

Podcast Episode 5: THE WOLF OF WALL STREET Leaves Us Howling With Laughter And Righteous Anger

"That kid makes it look so goddamn easy."
Two podcast episodes in a row!  That wasn't originally my intention, but when Bart and I walked out of The Wolf Of Wall Street, it felt like the kind of movie that simply demanded a proper conversation.  I love a film that sends you out of the theater buzzing with an electric energy that makes you want to spend the next two hours talking about everything you just witnessed, a film with no easy answers that forces you to actively engage with the material and struggle to put your emotions into words.  Wolf is just such a film.

No matter who you are and what you do in life, we should all aspire to be as sharp and on our respective games as Martin Scorcese is at the age of 71.  Sweet Jesus.  This might be the pinnacle of his long running collaboration with Leonardo DiCaprio (five films spanning eleven years) and both of them bring an energy and a focus to bear that would be impressive for men half their age.  This is three solid hours of behavior that is so depraved, so appalling on every conceivable level that it'll make you want to burn all of Wall Street to the fucking ground, but you'll be too busy hyperventilating from laughter to actually spark a match.  And those three hours flew by in a blink and left me hungry for three more.  DiCaprio and Jonah Hill are absolutely mesmerizing and I want, nay I NEED to see these two in another buddy comedy as soon as humanly possible.  Between Hill's transformative vocal work and DiCaprio's jaw-dropping physical performance, you're looking at two guaranteed Oscar nominations that, while no less deserving, are destined to stand as the polar opposites of Michael Fassbender and Chiwetel Ejiofor's work in 12 Years A Slave.  This will be the litmus test for Academy voters.

While it may not be as obvious as a film detailing the horrors of American slavery, Wolf is a story that no less repugnant.  Yes, this is a film that revels in excess, featuring enough sex and drugs to make a 70's porno blush and it's certainly not for the uptight or those of a sensitive disposition.  (I just overheard a coworker talking about watching the film with her whole family, including her uncle the 81 year old priest.  Talk about a massive tactical error.)  But there's a difference between depiction and endorsement; Scorcese certainly doesn't beat you over the head with his own moral judgement, but he's definitely trying to provoke a reaction from you and it's certainly not hero worship.  Make no mistake, this is a film fueled by outrage.  The Wolf Of Wall Street is unquestionably one of the most astounding films of the year and anyone who says otherwise simply wasn't paying attention.

So listen along as Bart and I drink 90 proof liquor made from carrots (we didn't have any ludes handy) and gush about The Wolf, along with a discussion about the evils of Wall Street, my favorite films of 2013 and the value of rewatchability versus initial theatrical experience.  Plus a reaction to the trailer for Kung Fury.


Title: The Wolf Of Wall Street
Director: Martin Scorcese
Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Margot Robbie, Kyle Chandler, Rob Reiner, Jon Bernthal, Jean Dujardin, Matthew McConaughey, Cristin Milioti
Year Of Release: 2013
Viewing Method: Theatrical - Showcase Revere

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