July 31, 2013

Programming Note: "And Always Tumbling, Tumbling, TUMBLING Toward Freedom!"

I've never truly been able to wrap my head around Tumblr, but the recent discovery that it was no longer being firewalled by my office network got me curious.  So I quickly set up a Daley Screening Tumblr page and I'm still experimenting with how best to use it.

Obviously the bulk of my content will remain on this site, but I like the idea of using the Tumblr as a sort of scratchpad to share some of the stuff that interests me but doesn't really feel like it has a place here, like new trailers for things I'm excited to see, or articles by other writers that I find interesting and want to pass along, not to mention pictures or Vines from various movie-going excursions.  Right now it's mostly filled with photos I took during the Brattle's Cornetto Trilogy triple feature, specifically all the beers I drank on my virtual pub crawl.

Anyway, there's now a Tumblr button at the top of the blog, or you can go to daleyscreening.tumblr.com.  It may end up being redundant and forgotten in the face Twitter and Facebook, but I'm willing to give this whole Tumblr thing a shot.

All the other kids are doing it, so that means it must be cool, right?

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