March 29, 2013

WIFE'S CHOICE: Late Night, Semi-Drunk MANNEQUIN Live-Tweet

"Reality is very disappointing."
Normally Wednesday night is when I let Jamie choose my argument, no refusal.  Whatever she says, goes.

So this week I totally ignored all those rules.

Wednesday night the Boston Underground Film Festival kicked off with a screening of I Declare War, a movie I've been itching to see for some time now.  So I swapped nights with her, giving her Thursday night instead, and she chose Empire Of The Sun for me to watch.  The only wrinkle with that plan was that her brother Eric and his wife Laura were coming to stay with us for the weekend, so Thursday night we took them out to our friend's bar.  I knew this would be mean another late night screening for me, but I had Friday off so I didn't mind staying up.  However, I suspected that I might not have a full appreciation for a long, depressing war movie at 1:30AM.  So I promised to watch Empire Of The Sun next week in exchange for a light comedy.

She chose Mannequin.

Since it was late at night and I'd had a few drinks, live-tweeting seemed like the natural decision:

Normally I would have prefaced all that with a basic setup of the plot, but I honestly don't think it would have helped.  I honestly think it's amazing that movies like this actually exist.  It's absolutely surreal.  Who thought this was a good idea?  AND HOW WERE THERE TWO OF THESE?  It's little wonder that the director Michael Gotlieb would go on to make the Hulk Hogan comedy Mr. Nanny.


Title: Mannequin
Director: Michael Gotlieb
Starring: Andrew McCarthy, Kim Catrall, James Spader, Estelle Getty, G.W. Bailey
Year Of Release: 1987
Viewing Method: DVD

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